Michael Hehir, Our Man in the South Pacific

All who have studied Australian History at Marcellin have learned that back in the convict days the worst of the worst were sent to a miserable fate upon Norfolk Island.  Michael Hehir, Marcellin's very first School Captain, has contributed to community life on this tranquil island and has held a number of statutory appointments, including that of Coroner.  Mike (or “Mick” as he was known to us at Marcellin) has been practising law on Norfolk for the last 14 years, but is soon to return to Hurstbridge.

Mike holds a record at Marcellin which will never be equalled.  You see, not only was he School Captain in the foundation year of 1950, but he maintained the distinction for the duration of 1951 and 1952 as well!  So how does one manage to be Captain for three years?  The answer to the riddle lies in the fact that in 1950 the College only had students up to Form 3 (Year 9 nowadays).  Each year a higher grade was added.  So when Mike left school after Year 11 in 1952, he held the unbeatable distinction of three years as Captain.  He frankly admits that his academic record was not stellar, and that at that stage he would never have believed that he would graduate in Law from the University of Melbourne.  In fact, he was Marcellin’s very first lawyer.

Those younger than him at school certainly remember him as the leader.  He was something of a hero on the football field and especially on the athletics track, where he sprinted in the maroon and blue in the early inter-school competitions.

It may well be that Mike holds another record for Marcellin boys.  He and his wife Barbara, have nine children, and “about 22” grand-children and five great-grand-children.  We’ll be interested to hear if anyone can top those proud numbers.

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Michael Hehir, seated middle

Michael Hehir, seated middle