Marcellin College Heritage Group

A group of passionate Marcellin Old Collegians channel their investigative inner-selves by venturing to our past to ensure that the complete Marcellin narrative is correctly recorded and documented.

The Marcellin Heritage Group

Watch this video as Old Collegians Richard Olive and John Bartley discuss an iconic Marcellin Photo taken in 1953

The Marcellin Heritage Group is a non-executive advisory commitee of the Marcellin College Foundation that exists to support the objects of the Foundation and in particular:

To foster and promote an interest in the College's history, heritage and culture among everyone associated with the College (past, present and future)

To foster and promote the collection and preservation of anything relevant to the history and heritage of the College; and

To provide a pool of individuals who have the resources to directly assist, on a voluntary basis, in the work the Foundation delegates to the group.  For more information, please contact Lisa Gillies in the Foundation Office during business hours on 03 9851 1464 or via email

Brian Millane launches the revised copy of a History of Marcellin

(L to R) Brian Buxton, Brian Millane

(L to R) John Walsh, Brian Millane, Richard Olive, Peter Ruddock