Frequently Asked Questions-Reunions

School Reunions-FAQs

Does the Old Collegian Association organise school reunions?

  • No, but we will give general advice and support to your working group

Should we hold the event in the Marcellin Functions Room or elsewhere offsite?

  • Not recommended.  It may be easier to organise off site where everything is suppplied and you don't have to worry about bringing food and crockery etc in.  Also won't have to worry about attaining a liquor license etc. There is also a curfew at Marcellin.     

What sort of venue should we look at?

  • There will be no value added by booking an upmarket venue or restaurant.  Basically a big room where people can mingle easily and buy a drink.  A sit down meal is not advisable but you should provide food.  (The Manningham Hotel next door to Marcellin can provide a separate room, and means you can do a school tour and then wander over.  Also provides ample parking and security).

Can we organise a school tour?

  • Yes we can assist you in organising a school tour.  This could occur before the reunion.

Should we invite partners?

  • Depends.  Generally we find the 'younger' reunions e.g.. 10,20,30 years on we don't recommend partners are invited. But for 40, 50 60 years having partners there can add to the the end it's your call.

Should we invite staff from our era?

  • Yes

Should we invite the current Principal or a school representative?

  • Yes

Should we have speeches?

  • Yes but kept to a minimum, with a Welcome and acknowledgement of past students. 

Should we have music?

  • Yes but background so people not yelling to be heard.  Can set the atmosphere initially.

Should we have name badges?

  • Yes

Should we have old photos/film/audiovisual on display?

  • Yes if someone willing to organise.  

How should people pay?

  • Get people to pay in advance using the TryBooking system.  We can help you with this.

What should people wear?

  • Smart casual

Which is the best night to hold the reunion?

  • A Friday night is probably preferable

How long in advance should we start organising the reunion?

  • A year to 8 months minimum.  You will need this time to contact everybody.  Also if people want to travel from interstate, or overseas they will need plenty of warning.

How regularly should we organise a reunion?

  • Probably evey 10 years, or at the minimum 5 years. 

Should we set up a Facebook or Website page?

  • We suggest a secure web based page which we can assist you with.  Some people are concerned about priovacy issues when using Facebook.

Should we take photos on the night?

  • Photos are a great way to record the evening and those who attended will love seeing them.  We can help you display them on a designated page on the MOCA website.

What should we charge?

  • We can assist you with working this out.

How many should we have on our committee or working group?

  • It's up to you, but not too many.  Everyone should be designated with a specific job.  The hardest part is getting all the names to contact.