Gala Ball

A beautiful & warm, amost-Spring evening helped set the scene for a wonderful Gala Ball at the San Remo Ballroom last week.  Set to the theme of a 'Touch of Silver', couples got into the spirit with some imaginative and subtle silver touches.  Everyone looked great as Marcellin parents, friends and staff alike enjoyed being off duty for an evening, dancing the night away and enjoying each other's company.  

The 17 piece Marcellin Stage Band , comprising current students, staff and some Old Collegians, played a great opening set - demonstrating just how talented our boys are.  Just before entree, they handed over to the house band - who provided a great range of music for dancing on the ample San Remo dance floor.  

Congratulations to the Marcellin College Community Association volunteers lead by Teresa Michelangeli and Anna Tieppo (supported by the Foundation's Prue O'Shannessy) for a wonderful evening.