Major General Fergus McLachlan

Old Collegian Major General Fergus 'Gus' McLachlan was the guest of honour at this year's  ANZAC Day commemoration ceremony at Marcellin.  This was Gus' first official  visit to the school since he graduated in 1981.  G

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Gala Ball

A beautiful & warm, amost-Spring evening helped set the scene for a wonderful Gala Ball at the San Remo Ballroom last week.  Set to the theme of a 'Touch of Silver', couples got into the spirit with some imaginative and subtle silver touches.

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Richard O'Sullivan, Professor of Plasma and Laser Physics

When Richard O’Sullivan arrived at Marcellin from that other Marcellin College, at Randwick NSW, for Year 9 in 1957, his fellow students immediately recognised that they had a new ‘brain” in the class.  Some would have predicted correctly, there and then, that the new boy would one day be a professor of modern physics. 

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